Photo courtesy of Lee Robbins

Photo courtesy of Lee Robbins

It’s a high time for tea!

My passion for tea came from my mum and that little tea shop in my hometown to which she used to take me to at the weekend. I can still remember the scents of the spices, flowers, fruits and herbs and taking too long to pick one…

Just like with food and coffee, people are paying more attention to what they’re consuming. When doing the seasonal selection, the focus at VRAC, is on top quality, fair-trade and natural farming. In the online shop you can find more than 30 loose teas from small estates and discover the fascinating spectrum of teas from around the world. Most of the supplying farms are certified organic and all of them work as naturally as possible.

Our blends are made by hand using local herbs & flowers .

            Make time for tea, it is healthy, loose leaves will always taste better than tea bags and preparing it will become a pleasant ceremony, your little breather in the day…

We have moved to France and are currently reshaping the brand and online shop, bare with us we’ll be in touch soon!